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LePuck's Corner - Trademark Plays

"He shoots, he scores!" The famous quote from hockey broadcasters of all-time. But do you ever ask yourself, "why did he score?" If you play hockey, you should. Observing a successful play and breaking down all the different factors that made that play possible could set your game up for trademarks that most great players are known for.

Gretzky's Office

A trademark play is something like Wayne Gretzky stopping behind the net "in the office", or Alex Ovechkin's one-timer on the power-play at the hash marks. A good player finds a trademark play that has a high percentage of being successful based on their skills, then practices it over and over until it is almost unstoppable.

In our 3 on 3 Coach's Corner, Coach Andre and Coach John will identify common successful and even the unsuccessful plays that you can practice to improve your game.

Ovi One-T

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