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Richmond Ice Centre (IGLOO RINK)

10:15pm TUESDAY Nights



- This is a training program and not a competitive game. 3 on 3 is designed to give everyone more time with the puck in small space so you can practice short passes with lots of stick handling.


- Defensively, please try to play position rather than an aggressive check on the puck. This will help keep body contact to a minimum.


- There will be 4 teams of 5/6 players. I will pick the teams to make sure they are fair, changing them week by week, so no one will be stuck on a team that struggles to get the puck. If registration is short on players, I will make adjustments to the format so that things run smoothly.


- Registration will be capped at 24 players so no team will ever have more than two lines.


- Every week, there will be a round robin. That means every team will play each other:


945pm Warm-Up

950pm 1vs2 3vs4

1010pm 1vs3 2vs4

1030pm 1vs4 2vs3

1050pm 2 Round Shootout (every player will get two attempts to score on a breakaway)


- The clock will run to start each game. Games will be 15 minutes running time with the buzzer sounding at every 2 minutes to initiate line changes. If you have 5 players, please change like this:


123, 451, 234, 512, 345


- Games will run cross-ice between the blue line and the end boards. Bumpers will divide the ice into two halves. Players can sit on the bench or stand behind the blue line, which will be considered “out-of-play”. For example, if the puck crosses the blue line into the waiting area (between the blue line and the centre ice line), puck possession will go to the other team who did not touch the puck last. If there is ever a dispute, the referee (John or myself) will make the decision who get possession. If there is no referee on your game, if there is ever a dispute in call (posession arrow, penalty, goal no goal, the call always goes to the defense). However, video review will  always be the final judge, and if you make a bad call, three strikes and you will be banned from making calls... lol. Nobody has made a bad call yet.

- In the event of having only 2 or 3 goalies, we will play half-court hockey outside the blue line. That means that there will only be one net in the normal crease, and both teams will try to score on this net. The one rule is that your team must carry the puck outside the blue line before trying to score a goal.


- Please keep track of the score with a stack of pucks (drop a puck on the right for team A and left for team B), but each game will be recorded on video and a quick highlight reel will be posted with results on facebook.


- For a little friendly competition, teams will be awarded 3 pts for a win and 1 pt for a tie. Points will be tallied, and the winning team will win a cool refreshment after the session. Tiebreaker will go to the team who wins the shootout, and if it's still tied after that, it will go to VS, GF, GA etc etc eventually solved by the ref. 


- The shootout will have 1 net in it's normal full length position with 2 teams alternating attempts from centre ice. There will be 2 rounds. In the case of a team having fewer players, they can choose one or two players to go more than twice to ensure both teams have the same amount of attempts.


- Please wear a white jersey, and you will be given a yellow, blue, red or green bib to wear with your team.


- Teams will be updated live as players cancel and sign-up:


- The referees will be basically trying to teach you guys some systems. In a 3 on 3 game, you can strategize with formations like 1 defensemen and 2 forwards or 2 defensemen and 1 forward and then learn how to rotate the positions so that you can confuse the opposition. We will film all the games and try to explain this to you throughout the month and then explain how you can apply these theories to your 5 on 5 league games.

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