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I LOVE Revolution Synthetic Ice Hockey Tiles

The best hockey training product on the market is a stick and puck. Any stick and puck will do. A good hockey player will find many creative ways to train with just these two things.

Now if you want to add something to this equation, next in line are the Revolution Synthetic Ice Hockey Tiles from ... No doubt the closest thing to real ice I have ever tried. Set-Up is a cinch, pucks slide fast, and bonus, you can skate on em and they are a pretty good workout. The added friction is actually really good for developing strength in your stride, stops and turns.

My set-up is 64 tiles. I paid about $1000. They take 13 minutes to set-up and they are easy to carry around from lacrosse box to lacrosse box with a dolly. I hope you get some for yourself or your kid... you will enjoy your practice so much more!

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